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Irina Hagen

Irina founded the company MenschWert Consulting in 2013. She is passionate about empowering organizations and people at all levels to find out what really matters for the respective company and the individual characters to use and develop their full potential profitably.

What sets her apart is the rare combination of excellent professional expertise in change management recruiting and HR operation models, as well as an in-depth knowledge of business, corporate and macroeconomic context, and a profound understanding of the human psyche and group dynamics.

Her curiosity and commitment to excellence motivate her to develop continuously, learn new methods and expertly anticipate trends.

Expertise and Background

Irina Hagen is passionate about actively shaping change and the associated paradigm shifts. She sees herself as an eye-opener and a world creator, as a meaning maker and a forward thinker who likes to inspire and provoke thought. She is a trailblazer regarding the pragmatic implementation of modern concepts in which people work together, create economic and ideal value, and are committed to shaping togetherness.
Her curiosity and commitment to excellence motivate her to evolve, learn new methods and expertly anticipate trends.

As a “digital native” with a strong affinity for technology, she recognizes the opportunities for technological developments for people, work processes and the organization of companies. With a genuine fascination for research and the natural sciences, she combines different worlds. She lives digitization, is aware of the risks and can contribute practically and conceptually to IT and technology, helping people to create a better (working) life.

Curriculum Vitae

Managing Director, Organization Enabler and Speaker

Within her more than 20 years of professional experience in international strategy consultancies and business enterprises at a domestic and international level, the focus is on corporate and organizational development and collaboration.

After years of accompanying top executives, she is very familiar with the day-to-day work in corporate groups and medium-sized companies. As an executive herself, she has experienced the “typical joys and sorrows” of her role and therefore provides authentic and pragmatic support.

Her university degree in International Management helps her to master both business and intercultural challenges in theory and practice. To understand people, their motivation and their interaction in the larger context, the certified psychotherapist (HPrG) has completed various psychological qualifications, e.g. hypnosis and imagination, with renowned institutes and lecturers.

Collaboration with professors and chairs at renowned universities is vital to her to be in tune with the times and to combine her practical work with heart and experience as well as the latest findings from science and research.
As a member of the Muenchner Kreis (Munich Circle) – Orientation for Digital Transformation, she develops innovative solutions together with high-ranking representatives from business, research and politics.

Impulse Talks

An eye-opener and world creator, Irina Hagen is an inspiring personality who loves to share her thoughts with others. She ignites the spirit of a movement and gets people to act.

Current speaker topics by Irina Hagen

  • Uncharted Business: When the known ends and the future begins
  • Beyond the route preview: Paradigm shift as a corporate strategy
  • Redefining Excellence: The holistic competence approach for modern companies
  • Focus on people: HR as the architect of an employee-centered culture
  • Leadership means change: From vision to practice
  • From hybrid forms of work to cultural shifts: HR as a change leader
  • The question of why – Purpose driven organizations
  • Shaping the future: HR as a complexity navigator and innovation driver
  • Candidate Journey: From Tinderfail to dream wedding
  • Rethinking collaboration: from the office to the collaboration space
  • Agility – myths, opportunities and risks
  • Responsibility 2.0: How real ownership is changing the corporate world
  • Utilizing latitude – more is possible than you think
  • Leadership in the digital transformation
  • Goals and performance management in uncertain times
  • Feedback revolution: the culture of dialog that transforms companies
  • Innovation originates in the mind

Top Ten Consultancy in Europe for Change Management

The US magazine HR Tech Lookout spoke with Irina Hagen and formulated this successful article: As idealistic as it sounds, companies reflect society and vice versa. There is a direct link between how companies are run and society more broadly, where many changes are currently taking place, accelerated by technological and political turmoil. How colleagues interact in a workplace reflects social behavior on a societal level. Companies can take advantage of this insight.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the top ten consultancies in Europe for change management and organizational development.

You can read more about it in our blog article.

Attracting, retaining and developing young professionals: Future-proof employee retention of young professionals

Specialist book published by Springer-Gabler-Verlag by co-author Irina Hagen.

Young Professionals gewinnen, halten, weiterentwickeln: Zukunftsfähige Mitarbeiterbindung von Nachwuchskräften

English: Attracting, retaining and developing young professionals: Future-proof employee retention of young professionals

Description: How does a company become attractive to young professionals? How do you succeed in attracting and retaining the generation currently entering the labor market and encourage them to perform at the top? This book follows the principle “Retaining is more important than recruiting” and answers these and other questions in a very practical and knowledgeable way.

From the reviews “Pointed, entertaining, yet pragmatically sound overview of current recruiting and HR issues.”

You can read and listen to the podcast with Daniel Walzer and Irina Hagen here. Have fun!

Agile HR

In the podcast with Ralf Kruse, you will learn more about "Agile HR" and how agile mindset and agile methods can be valuably incorporated into HR work. Agility is becoming increasingly important for HR departments. HR means putting out fires on one side and shaping the future on the other. And that is exactly why there is a need for more agility in HR management disciplines.

You can find the entire text on the podcast page Mastering Scrum “Scrum meistern” (in German)

You can access this podcast at all popular podcast providers, whether Apple Podcast, Spotify, or YouTube. Enjoy reading and listening!!!

For more inspiration on Agile HR, click here!

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