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That makes us a strong team

We believe...
  • respectful cooperation at eye level; whether in the team, in management, in the exchange with customers, clients or suppliers. We don’t believe in “them” and “us”, but in the fact that business in a digital world only works with trusting relationships.
  • That connections and relationships are the key to success in today’s complexity. If you recognize the connections of the big picture, it is easier to make the right decisions and pursue goals. That’s why we see ourselves as thought leaders and trailblazers to shape a human future in a digital world.
  • We know that there is potential in every individual and in every connection that can only be fully exploited collectively. This includes recognizing and harnessing this potential; in other words, making it fully usable in the right place at the right time. We believe that modern technologies can support us in shaping our human potential.
  • that through interpersonal skill building and human maturation, as employees become stronger and more confident, a positive impact on society can be felt. This is our contribution to a better world.

Let’s go the first step together


We are very proud to have been awarded as one of the top ten change management consultancies in Europe.

You can read more about it in our blog article.

CEO & Founder

Corporate Culture & Organizational Development

Irina Hagen is passionate about helping companies and people succeed. She supports the process of finding out what really matters for the respective company and the individual person to use and develop the full potential profitably.

As a business economist and psychotherapist (HPrG), she brings both comprehensive business and entrepreneurship expertise as well as profound relationship intelligence. She combines outer transformation with inner development and surfs on the complexity that makes people and organizations so unique.

Agile Coach

Process Optimization & Agile Methods

Torsten “Totti” Wunderlich is a full-blooded computer scientist and a declared supporter of the agile mindset, far beyond product development. As an Agile and Lean Coach, he advises teams and organizations.

After studying in Berlin, he was drawn to the world as a consultant. As part of his technical consulting work, he himself created software for many years. Numerous projects in large international corporations in the automotive, telecommunications and medical technology sectors taught him that the success of projects depends on the people involved. Therefore, he became an avowed follower of the agile mindset, far beyond product development.

Lego Serious Play Facilitator

Communication & Organization

Linda Fett has turned her distinct talent for communication into a profession. Our creative talent supports our teams and projects with her enthusiasm, organizational skills and attention to detail.

She knows both perspectives: company side as well as agency life. As a project manager, she has served well-known clients on the agency side, offered brand communication solutions, and been responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing multifaceted projects across Germany.

competent, heterogeneous, cross-functional, passionate

A heterogeneous team that knows how to exploit your development potential with you from deep expertise and a holistic view.

Wir bringen Potenzial zum (Er-)Leben, in dem wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam sinnvolle Verbindungen finden. Wir helfen dabei, Barrieren zu reduzieren und bauen Brücken, so dass Effizienz geschaffen wird und Informationen fließen können. Durch die Affinität zur Technologie fördern wir die „Connected World“, ohne unnötig Komplexität aufzubauen.

Mit unserer Unterstützung können Sie das Potenzial folgender Verbindungen erlebbar machen:

  • Different disciplines and functions
  • The power of tradition combined with the possibilities of the future
  • Partnership between companies and customers
  • We bring people closer together (instead of just “function bearers”)
  • We bring your employees closer to your customers
  • We bring your suppliers closer to your company
  • We pay attention to a balance of body, mind and soul
  • We promote a technological support of togetherness

Learn about our projects and approach

Case Studies

Our customers are companies or divisions that are primarily active in the IT or high-tech sector as well as in e-business. These include start-ups, medium-sized companies as well as major international corporations. Our work focuses on companies that are actively driving change. Our clients trust us to ensure that their organization benefits from professional change management support during the necessary, sometimes radical paradigm shifts.

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