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Change management was yesterday - real change needs a paradigm shift

Transform profoundly instead of optimizing superficially

If what has made you successful up to now is no longer effective or if you see more and more activity, complexity, and density, but too little impact, a paradigm shift is in the offing. What is needed, is not only a continuous improvement of what exists but a profound rearrangement.

We accompany organizations, C-Level and business leaders who responsibly and innovatively position their companies for the future. To ensure that you experience holistic success, we work with you to develop leadership that is empowered for the new world, encourages a supportive corporate culture, and expands competencies in a purposeful way. This ensures you find and retain the right talent and benefit from a healthy business ecosystem.

With us to a successful and stable future

If you utilize your leeway entirely, power is distributed wisely within the company, and employees are aware of their roles and strengths, your company will develop the clout it needs to break through the sound barrier. As a result, you will experience highly motivated people who live excellence with ease, design efficient processes effortlessly, and perceive development as a natural force.

Discover the radiance of your company by harnessing the potential of your characters, talents, and competencies collaborating, and the resulting synergies.


A paradigm shift is like open-heart surgery. To set the levers unerringly in the right place, we go into depth with you instead of just touching the murky surface, dare to tackle things instead of just talking about buzzwords, and create clarity about where you stand and what needs to be done.

With us, you experience a positive spirit and get tangible and sustainable results that can be measured.

now herald the paradigm shift

Irina Hagen

In my work I name untold truths and open the eyes to new perspectives and ways or for what is already there but not recognized. In the joint reflection, aha-moments arise, which I nurture with further impulses and ideas until great solutions emerge that advance your company and its people.

Understanding the entrepreneurial context, empathy, and excellent tools are my foundation.

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Case Studies

Our customers are companies or divisions primarily active in the IT or high-tech sector and in e-business. These include start-ups, medium-sized companies as well as major international corporations. Our work focuses on companies that are actively driving change. Our clients trust us to ensure that their organization benefits from professional change management support during the necessary, sometimes radical paradigm shifts.

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