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Surely you already have a good idea of what you want and where you want to go. Let’s talk together without obligation, about how we can get there together. In a conversation, aspects often emerge that you “haven’t seen before” and thus solutions come directly into view. Sometimes there are also impulses that you can directly implement yourself.

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MenschWert Consulting GmbH

Landshuter Allee 14
D-80637 München
Tel.: +49 89 1230 7087

SXSW 2022
Austin, USA, 11.-22. März 2022

H.U.G. Your HR Happening
München, 2022

Wisdom 2.0
San Francisco, USA, 2022


Meetup: Live and in color

Preparing the working world of tomorrow now: We meet online monthly to work together on new topics and trends to immediately create added value in the company. We work on a concrete challenge on different workstreams and orient ourselves on the approaches of Lean and DesignThinking. Dates are available in the Meetup group. Join us and experience us in our element.

Overcoming current challenges together. Enabling true collaboration. Create teams in which everyone can develop their potential and achieve sustainable results. Living agility. Taking responsibility. Using lean approaches and recognizing and realizing innovation opportunities through design thinking. Making companies a place where humanity, creativity and performance are in harmony with growth and business success.

We want to leave the meta-level and the world of buzzwords and develop concrete solutions. In a short impulse from an expert in the respective topic, we provide the framework and present relevant perspectives. The rest comes from the participants. A selection, documentation and recordings of previous workshops can be found under News.

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