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Eye opener and world creator

Idling at high revs? Despite a lot of work and great efforts, there is no significant progress? In many organizations, this is precisely the case. Companies face an imaginary sound barrier that is not being broken. It is true that there is a high level of activity: new employees are joining, one meeting follows the next, and discussions about the future are taking place on every corner – the day is dominated by coordination meetings. The complexity increases immeasurably and the desire for quick, simple ad hoc decisions prevents long-term success. The power does not turn into motion, and the strength that lies within the organization is not used enough. Either you constantly bounce off the wall or you keep going in circles.

Irina Hagen

The partner for the breakthrough

What you need now is new thrust in the right direction and someone who stands by your side with courage and clarity, knows where to pull the levers to break the sound barrier and clear the way to a powerful company in a new world.

With my years of experience, I am your sincere eye opener and world creator when it comes to finding solutions for the things that don’t work. My goal is for you to realize what you and your organization are capable of. For me, it’s about building impact by making organizations aware of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and reflecting on them together, even if that means diving through the “mud”. I am happy to embark on this journey with you and accompany you so that the full potential is used profitably and developed further.

With clarity to aha moments

A spoken truth in understandable words has a redeeming effect. Freed from the reassuring fog of buzzwords and the shackles of one's own barriers, this triggers a mood of departure to really tackle things with the concentrated clout of the team.

I often experience that in many companies, a certain operational or even industry blindness has set in. In my role as an eye-opener, it is my goal to look at companies and organizations with a fresh, insightful view from the outside. This penetrates profoundly and often encounters sore spots and blind spaces that have not been seen or considered before. The good news is that this is usually where the solution opens up.

In my work, I make clear statements and open eyes to new perspectives or to what is already there but not recognized. This usually results in “aha” moments, which I nurture with further impulses and ideas until great solutions emerge that move your company and the people working in it forward.

Leaving the familiar behind

Recognizing the right moment to jump into a new world

Great things are almost never born out of routines, but when you are ready to create a new vision. This is exactly the world we create together for you and your company. At a time when we are slipping from one crisis to the next and the future can no longer be planned linearly, many have lost their imagination. But this is exactly what we need, coupled with the ability to look beyond our own (corporate) world.

Together with you, I take the steps into a world in which formats, ways of working, models and possibilities open up and other paradigms prevail. We leave old patterns that have long since become obsolete and create something new that fits your company. We use what is already dormant in you and your company today and go on the journey together to master the leap into the new world.

Are you ready? Then get in touch with me.

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