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A reliable Business Eco-System

Companies do not operate in a void and act entirely alone in the market. Success is essentially dependent on how relationships with customers, suppliers, authorities, investors and many other partners and stakeholders of the company are shaped.

If the company changes, this has an impact on external connections. Partners can paralyze or promote transformation. A healthy environment and supportive external perspectives in extended collaboration are therefore inevitable.

For this reason, questions such as:

  • How do we act wisely and efficiently in our business ecosystem?
  • How do we build profitable connections in our environment?
  • Which partners help us succeed in our business model and culture?
  • What needs to change in the company to build a reliable business ecosystem?

In a profound transformation and paradigm shift, the environment plays a role and may need to be adjusted. This also includes that the mindset has to change. For decades, long-term planning, command & control, hierarchy and secrecy were lived in companies. In a successful business ecosystem, companies not only have to break down internal silo thinking, but also collaborate openly with external partners at eye level.

Benefit from a smart "foreign affairs strategy"

A savvy business ecosystem strengthens customer and employee loyalty

f we look at an ecosystem from a biological perspective, it is a diverse, adaptive and resilient web of organisms. These are in various interactions of, for example, symbiosis, collaboration or competition. Companies should similarly see themselves today. They are no longer an isolated system that defines itself through segregation but depend on their environment. Investing in reliable relationships, future-oriented competencies and a shared ability to adapt in partnership is therefore worthwhile.

This helps to create attractive opportunities for customers, to keep pace with exploding technological progress and to react quickly and sustainably to market movements. However, this requires thinking outside the box and admitting that you don’t know or can’t do everything.

Expand the scope

Companies are well advised to look at other partners, e.g. authorities, service providers, universities and other partners.

Clever relationship work with an extended scope can increase the joint impact enormously without additional costs or internal capacity bottlenecks.

Especially the work with service providers or authorities holds potential for improvement. Do your service providers live in the old world or are they capable of providing valuable impetus for the desired paradigm shift? Are discussions with service providers dominated by the past or do they inspire new ways and opportunities? Are your service providers submissive or do you learn from your service providers?

Tailwind for paradigm shift

Which relationships are hindering or helping the paradigm shift and the company's success? It is important to clearly differentiate in which areas adjustments are to be made and where the relationships should be further expanded.

If capacities and resources are scarce in the company, it is worth looking at the universities. Are there challenges that can be addressed as part of a degree program or research project? Another way to drive the paradigm shift is to cooperate with start-ups. On the one hand, this is a beautiful employer branding measure, and on the other, it allows for a gradual development of competencies within one’s own company while at the same time strengthening entrepreneurial substance.

Cooperation with public authorities helps with certain problems to bring projects to life and create entrepreneurial advantages.

Successful in the disruptive world - with good partners

Get a tailwind and leverage overarching strengths

As a result of progressive and ever more far-reaching digitization, boundaries between industries will dissolve in the future and previous business models will begin to waver. The approaches of a business ecosystem offer companies a variety of opportunities to not only survive in a disruptive world, but also to be successful.

We are happy to support you in this with our offerings, which include:

  • Optimizing collaboration with your service providers.
  • Training on cross-company projects
  • Development of common goals and strategies in the cooperation.

Let’s adapt your business ecosystem to your paradigm shift.

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